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Coaching grassroots football

fun & safe learning environment

A grassroots coach should look to create a fun, safe learning environment for young people to learn and prosper within the football environment. Children participating in grassroots football will have different motivations, but what is important is they enjoy their football experience. That's why for any grassroots coach, you have a responsibility for developing that learning environment where young players can participate feeling safe, valued and above all enjoy it.

So how can this be achieved? Firstly children turn up to play football. As a coach, every experience you provide should be based around the players being given the opportunity to play regardless of their own ability as if they don't play they will never learn. Coaches should aim to develop an environment that has lots of variety, experiences and competition that enables players to thrive, develop and evolve.

Therefore when planning, delivering and reviewing your coaching sessions always consider did the players enjoy it? Was it fun? Did the players work hard? Have they learned anything from the session? Coaches should always seek these answers frpm their peers, players and parents. 

Did you players enjoy the session? Did they learn anything from the session? How can we as coaches improve the learning experience next time we train?

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