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Enough Is Enough

Football has a unique power to deliver amazing benefits to individuals and communities.

Not only does it keep us physically and mentally healthy, but it also builds long-lasting friendships, teaches leadership and resilience and inspires the nation.

However, for all the good that football can bring, sadly last season, at all levels of the game, there were too many examples of unacceptable behaviours that had the opposite impact.

At the grassroots level, these included swearing, aggressive shouting and persistent arguing among spectators, players and officials.

Football Deserves Better

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Enough Is Enough

It is only a small minority of people that act in this way, but these individuals can spoil the game for everyone, causing children and young people to not want to play, referees and volunteers to drop out and spectators to stop supporting their team.

We all have a responsibility in setting the right standard of behaviours in the game. We need everyone to play their part so that we can make this season a brilliant one for all.

As we look forward to a new season of grassroots football up and down the country, we are promoting a series of social media assets under the message ‘Enough is Enough’, making it clear that action will be taken against those who ruin the game for others.

Your Children Deserve Better

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Enough Is Enough

Your Club Deserves Better

Langtoft United will be supporting the FA's 'Enough is Enough' campaign and will be investigating all reported poor behaviour. Langtoft United will work closely with the County and League associations to bring in sanctions to those who breach the Code of Conduct.

These sanctions could lead to the removal of individuals from membership to the club.

Too many times this season have there been moments of unacceptable behaviour at junior grassroots matches. Parents being aggressive towards parents, young referees being verbally abused from the touchline or in some instances physically assaulted.

We urge everyone to think before you act with unacceptable behaviour. What impact it will have on your child, your child's team and your child's club. If you want to carry on being a part of your grassroots club just remember that all unacceptable behaviour leads to consequences.

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