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Codes of Conduct

Codes of Conduct are widely used in grassroots football and are mandatory for FA Accredited Clubs. Some Codes are successful while some are forgotten and simply not acted on. 


Respect brings them to life by supporting and strengthening the Codes of Conduct with possible consequences to poor behaviour. There is little point in having a set of rules if no action is taken when they are broken.


Langtoft United Football Club requires everyone to sign up and adhere to the Codes of Conduct at all times.  Any breaches of Codes of Conduct will be investigated and dealt with accordingly.


Codes of Conduct

Each Code explains the actions can be taken if the Code is broken. Although the FA will deal with cases of misconduct, clubs and leagues also have a role to play in dealing with poor behaviour from players, officials and spectators.


This can be a range from education, mentoring, official warnings, suspensions or even exclusion from the club or league.


Respect works by placing responsibility on individuals for their actions: break the code and bear the consequences. Each Code of Conduct explains that action can and will be taken if the code is broken.   

Codes of Conduct

We all have a part to play for the safety and pleasure of the game. Rules are put in place for a reason, break them and face the consequences. Lets all make Grassroots football a safe and enjoyable place to be.

We all bear a collective responsibility to set a good example and help provide a positive environment in which children can learn and enjoy the game.

Play your part and observe the FA's Respect Code of Conduct at all times. 

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